There are two ways to give:
1) Bring your gift on Sunday, December 17
2) Give right now by buttons below


A number of students in the Bethel School District live in homes where many of their basic needs are unmet.  Bethel Health Center exists to help meet the medical and psychological needs of these precious kids. This gift will provide a student seeking help at the Bethel Health Center a personal hygiene kit, complete with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and other essentials.

ShelterCare has a 22-bed recovery facility that provides safe, clean, temporary housing after a surgery. This gift to ShelterCare will provide 24-hours worth of care for a homeless adult recovering from a medical crisis, as it is very difficult to keep a surgical site clean when living on the street. Additionally, 80% of participants leaving the program end up moving into permanent housing.

Women’s Space will provide a fresh clothing set for a child recently relocated due to violence and/or neglect in their home. Children often are removed from homes quickly in these situations and aren’t able to bring their belongings. Women’s Space provides safety and care for many women and children who need immediate care in our city.

A laptop computer will help Prairie Mountain equip teachers to better invest in our students by contributing to the school’s growing technology needs. Their goal is to have a set of 30+ mobile computers that can travel around to meet the needs of each classroom. 


Westside partners all year long with Club Esperanza in Managua, Nicaragua. One way we can do this is provide a month of meals for one of their preschool students.

A financial gift to our missionaries in Ireland, Tim and Kristina O’Toole, provides access to more resources as they equip and train local leaders to launch innovative churches in their community.

In Ethiopia, a sheep can supply an amazing source of income for vulnerable families. Wool can be sold or spun into clothing or blankets to sell at the market. Sheep also create rich, organic fertilizer to improve fruit and vegetable harvests, which help fight malnutrition.

Sylvia is a small business owner in Nicaragua and a single mother of six children.  Her business is growing and this money would provide new machines to help increase her production, hire new employees, and provide for her community.